16 year old Alyssa Colòn has her hottest single to date with “I’m Gucci”. Her presence is being felt from her hometown in Long Island New York, all the way across the country and beyond. besides being a talented singer, she is also somewhat of an entrepreneur, doing her own networking and footwork to bust in this music industry.

At such a young age, she is already taking full control of her career without looking back. Alyssa has her own home studio where she is either recording, writing new music or singing. With an incredible passion for the art, her parents have fully supported her dream.


Alyssa’s grandfather coached her from the start, and she began to develop a style of her own. “I continued to grow as a singer, and it made me want to do music,” said Alyssa. As she kept perfecting her craft, she also ventured into playing instruments, specializing in piano.

After a few listens it is clear that she writes her lyrics from real life experiences. Through the events and situations she encounters she is able to paint a lyrical picture of her existence. This is a truly a reflection of the artist’s commitment to exceeding any boundaries, as the singer does not believe in limiting herself in her career.

Alyssa definitely shows off some of her versatility in the track as she switches into Spanish flow and back to English. She really makes it sound easy and natural.

“I’m Gucci, I’m boujee and i can be a little snooty,
Don’t test me don’t mess me but you will see a lot of press about me.”
-Alyssa Colòn


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We are looking forward to hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

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