This review is for a talented rapper coming out of Denver named, DramaTone.  He has an album called “Monotone” that showcases 11 tracks and a lot of talent. The album is a bit dark, and takes on some serious topics ranging from drugs to failures. For this review I am going to write about a song called “Drug Addict”.

Not only can this artist spit lyrics smooth and with control, he also has so much meaning behind every verse. “Drug Addict” speaks about how the addiction started at a young age and how he got into the thug life. This track was very powerful.

If you have not heard of DramaTone, you must check this artist out!  He has so much talent, emotion, and realism without being completely derogatory in his lyrics.  He is worth a listen and I see him really making a name for himself if he keeps killin’ it like he is.

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