MBB: Explain how you came up with the concept for this song?
ALBY: My daily life, I’m surrounded beautiful Hispanic women. I just wanted to play with that. Push the envelope but still be myself.

MBB: Do you speak spanish? Did you have the singer translate your words?
ALBY: More so learning Spanish. The singer told me a translation, I made it my own words.

MBB: Who is the singer on the hook and does she have her own music?
ALBY: Ironically she doesn’t do music like that anymore. Her name is Aysia, she a business woman on Fiverr.

MBB: How long have you been rapping and producing?
ALBY: I been rapping since I was 12, I’m 28. I been producing for about 3-4 years.

MBB: Which other artists would you most like to work with and why?
ALBY: I honestly only want to work with people I’m familiar with. No big names keep it in the family.

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