Here is a unique artist coming out of Surrey, BC, Canada (just outside of Vancouver). His name is J-ClaWsin (James ClaWsin) and this is his first single off his album, “ClaWstrophobia”. The track is called “Need to Grow” and was released by HazMat Music Group. Released on his 3 month sobriety date, its his first sober writing.

This song can definitely be an anthem for strength and growth. The lyrics maybe simple but they are powerfully true. It has a memorable tone and the chorus line is catchy. It can probably get stuck in the listeners head quite easily, especially if they are living a similar situation. J-ClaWsin has a great ability to spit words at an amazing speed. Reminds me a lot of M&M, with the quick tongue and unique lyrics and sound.

J-ClaWsin absolutely is going places with his talents, and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

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