This is a review for Han Sino and his new album, “A Murder In Me”. This album is actually 2 tracks edited in 9 different variations and the last track is called “Barking Piegeon”. That was the first track he worked together with Parth Patadiya, the person the album was created for. Parth Patadiya asked for colaboration for a short film he created. Titled the same as the album, “A Murder In Me”. The film is dark, but also full of hope as it follows an urban Indian young man as he suffers from a sometimes debilitating mental illness, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and his private war on himself fighting suicidal tendencies.

This album is not a “traditional” piece that you may be expecting to hear. Han Sino is an artist of instruments and sound. He takes his music outside the box to portray different emotions by the use of various types of instruments and sounds. Some of these instruments are conventional and some unconventional, which is why Han Sinos’ music is so unique. Just like how a painter uses different brushes, different strokes or a different color pallet, they paint emotions, situations. Han Sino paints with his music.

I chose 2 songs to briefly talk about. The first is “Murder In Me” (part 2) Drumz. Out of all the variations, this one is my favorite. I can feel the emotion, understand the situation that the short 36 sec track plays. The second one was “Barking Piegeon”. This track is 04:41. It features Parth Patadiya, and he did vocals and lyrics. You can hear a story in this song and it was a perfect companion of Han Sino and his style, combined with Parth Patadiyas’ Indian influence. Its a beautiful, emotional mix of two different music cultures. Go check out the album and short film, “A Murder In Me”.

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