G.H.S. is back with another release off of his up-coming mix tape, “1997”. His new song, “Gotta Hustle”, also features County Boy Lid. Grind Hard Swuave (G.H.S) is hard on his grind on making a name for himself, and this new track is another step in the right direction. This Pennsylvania native has a way of telling a story through tight beats, and a quick tongue.

His new track, “Gotta Hustle”, implements deep lyrics with great descriptive view about his journey and the need to “hustle” to get by. He opens up about the let downs in life and how he had to turn to the streets to survive. He even gave shout-outs to his momma, brother, and even his dog. His chorus is heart-felt and real. Some of it goes “….I am all about business and that’s my hustle….”. Just that line alone, tells a story.  G.H.S. and County Boy Lid showed great flow together, and with the descriptive lyrics combined with steady flow and tight beats, and the true sense of the drive G.H.S. has to be the best ever rapper. I think if he continues on this road, the sky is the limit with this young rapper.

I think for this kid only being 19 and having the talent he has, a lot more is to come from this “hustler” I have said it before, G.H.S. is going places. He is making some major impact on the East coast and he is quickly spreading his rap game all over the U.S.

Since G.H.S. did so well on the last two songs he released, (“Look at me Now”, “Gotta Hustle”), the soon to be released mix tape, “1997”, is sure to blow it up. The mix tape is set to be released in late November, and we should all be impatiently excited. Go check out Grind Hard Swuave and his new track, “Gotta Hustle”.

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