Here we have a new single and video from Paradame, which previews a glimpse of what her upcoming album sounds like. Due to drop this December on Audiodose Records.

Ms. Paradame got skills first and foremost. She has delivery, a smooth voice and is a lyrical beast. Coming from Seattle, she harmonizes R&B styles perfectly and spits pure fire, on the same track!

Combining sing-song type vocals with a vicious verbal prowess, Paradame is really cruising in her own lane. You cant put her music in any box because she is just to versatile. Did she read a dictionary to come up with all these rhymes? Her pen game is putting a lot of male emcees to shame. There is nothing lazy or rushed about her lyrics, every line falls perfectly into place.

The best thing is that her mic skills and big words don’t distract from the coolness of the track. The beat is funky and sets a great landscape for the words. Let’s not forget that the entire song and video was produced, recorded, shot & edited by J.Lee Mezus.

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