We just chopped it up with Bberlay about her new video and music, here’s what she had to say!

MBB: Where is your hometown and what area do you currently represent?
BBERLAY: I was born in Detroit, and I rep the Lower East Side, NYC

MBB: How would you describe your musical sound?
BBERLAY: Brassy & sonically a combination of breakbeat, trap, ghetto-house

MBB: This is an amazing video, did you work closely with the director?
BBERLAY: Thank you! & yes, I directed it alongside Andrew Colton. After I sent him the treatment he scouted the locations and the rest is history. Andrew’s easy to work with and has a great vision. I trust him 100%

MBB: Your style fits well with TT The Artist, do you plan on doing more work together?
BBERLAY: I love TT; we definitely have a tour planned in the future

MBB: Explain to the fans more in depth about how you got the name Bberlay?
BBERLAY: My first name is Bryanna and my last name is Berlay. B-Berlay

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