Novel Hooly “Da’ GOAT” is exploding all over the hip hop scene. This up and very fast coming artist has released a new single called, “YaYa”. This track is all “Hooly”, by means of his voice and his versatility in making each one of his songs unique.

Novels’ new track “YaYa” seems a bit more on the darker side, but equally entertaining and audibly stimulating. The beginning of the song has some strange sounds I am not sure how I feel about quite yet, but the beat draws your curiosity, anticipating the first lyric to be spit out of Hoolys’ talented mouth. He does not disappoint. The lyrics are just as real as his other tracks, as they can transport you to get a glimpse of the world Novel raps about so flawlessly.

Keep an eye on this artist! “Novel Hooly” and his new single “YaYa” will make you a fan if you are not one all ready with his real, raw, unique, and Hooly style!

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