We caught up with A Certain Energy to talk about his upcoming music and more.

MBB: Is there a hidden meaning in your name? How did you come up with A Certain Energy?

A CERTAIN ENERGY: Funny story behind that actually. When I first started writing music my Freshman year I had a name that was already taken. So I had to go out of my way to find something that matches who I am, my style, and something I’m sure no one has. Went a full week of just trying to come up with something. Walked around town and my neighborhood and nothing came up. When I came home I sat on couch and thought nothing would just come to me that’s different and catchy. Ended up getting up and passing by an outlet and looked at it for a second. An outlet has electricity. Electricity is energy. I do have a “certain energy” when it comes to everything I do, as well as others when it comes to their passion. Which then dawned the name A Certain Energy. It’s a name for the people almost when it comes to energy. Certain emotions, certain mindset, etc. conducts a certain type of energy.

MBB: Is this track “Downfall” based on true events? Was someone hatin’ on you in real life?

A CERTAIN ENERGY: It was honestly aimed more at my childhood friends and certain people in my life that didn’t think I would amount to much when it came to music. Just drove me more and more. It took time to finally understand my sound and style, but I finally got to that point. Now here we are.

MBB: The beat is nice! Who produced it?

A CERTAIN ENERGY: A good friend of mine actually. Goes by the producer name Cory Orlando. Definitely recommend him to upcoming artists that have pure, raw talent. His credits are FatBoySSE, Robbie Maxx, and more. He’s done a couple co-produced beats with CashMoneyAp. If no one knows who CashMoneyAp is.. Think of Desiigner, Migos, Young Thug and more. He’s produced for them.

a certain energy

a certain energy


MBB: How long have you been rapping and What can we expect this year from you in music?

A CERTAIN ENERGY I’ve been composing and rapping for about eight years, but took it professionally almost a year ago. You can expect a feature by two major artists coming soon thanks to my engineer LX Xander from the United Kingdom. I’m currently working on another EP at the moment, but the release date is still up in the air. While I put together my EP you can expect me doing features for other artists for their tracks.


MBB: Which other artists would you most like to work with and why?

A CERTAIN ENERGY: I honestly want to work with Johnny Rain and LaShaun Ellis. Not many know of these artists, but I’ve known about them since I first started working on music. I also want to work with an artist by the name of C-Wellz. He was a local artist around where I grew up that I always envied. It’d be a dream to be able to spit a hot sixteen with that man. Planning on making it happen soon.

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/swxTXcxqJwA

Work in Progress – EP
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2DheZnl38aJGMKGY18tB6D?si=bwRtWzUJ

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/acertainenergy/sets/work-in-progress-ep

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