MBB: This instrumental is very interesting, who produced it?
STEVE CRAWFORD: I am the producer on the “Rise” single along with Ken Porter.

MBB: How long have you been DJing?
STEVE CRAWFORD:I have been dj’ing since 1985

MBB: Describe the Beatboy Records brand, what do you represent?
STEVE CRAWFORD: Beatyboy Records represents my personal expression of who I am musically. It represents deep soulful music and also music that has mass appeal. Although genres are necessary, the philosophy is “if it’s hot, put it out”. We represent bringing musicality to songs. Beatyboy is not a minimal label. You will hear individual productions by me all the way to a full compliment of musicians adding to any number of productions.

MBB: Besides great music, what can we expect this year from your career?
STEVE CRAWFORD: My career should see a return to live dj performances as the music picks up steam. We are also considering a live show with lead vocalist Lachi. We are going to cross polinate other genres and plan to not only produce underground music but also as mainstream as pop, EDM. My career is balanced with running my private law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

MBB: Which industry artists would you most like to work with and why?
STEVE CRAWFORD: I am working already with exactly who I’ve wanted to work with. Titan Guillotine Davis out of Chicago is my favorite up and coming producer and his take on remixes inspires me. He is currently a remixer on several of my projects. I’m working with long time friends Terrence Parker an Maurice “Pirahnahead” Herd. Maurice is the consumate musician and Terrence is just a workhorse and pushing Beatyboy hard behind the scenes. I would like to work with Louie Vega and Josh Milan as they are pretty much top of the food chain as far as soulful dance music. That may not be too far off as rumor has it, Louie is really feeling the Dj Spen remix of “Rise” my first single. I also want to work with Steve Aoki and fuse my brand of soul with his take on big room dance music.

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