Novel Hooly “Da’ Goat” is back again, and with a new single called “Who am I”.  This song also features a young artist named, “Sicc Flowz”.  All I can say is, straight up, these two have a sweet track here.

With the last review I did on Novels’ track “Litboi”, it showcased a strong beat and a more entertaining tone.  This new track, “Who am I”, is a way for us to see a more serious side to Novel.

Sicc raps the first verse on this one.  He has a youthful tone but lyrics that speak wisdom and truth, especially if you are familiar with the street life.  He reminds us of the real world many are living and breathing right now may be easily misunderstood through eyes of common bystanders. Novel takes on verse two, and puts a lot of emotion into his lyrics much more than his previous single, “Litboi”, as he elaborates into the struggles of everyday street life.

The dynamic flow of Hoolys’ words culminating with Sicc Flowz ability to spit words quickly and effortlessly, is enough to make you want to take a second listen. These two artists collaborating together as one is amazing, being able to feed off each others energies, almost flawlessly and effortlessly.

Now lets get down to the lyrics.  This song is raw and real, from every word, even to the chorus.  The reality of their message in this track draws you in to be in the streets of Harlem or any other city which puts you in the mentality of todays youth. There is no denying that you cannot judge who these unique young rappers are, or question their methods of delivery through their message when you listen to “Who I am”. So don’t hesitate to give this new track a try and let the flow of “Hooly Da’ Goat soak in.

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