This song review is for an artist from Harlem, NYC. Levon Robins a.k.a. Novel “Hooly” the GOAT is the first from the ‘Hooligan Crew’, to jump in mainstream hip hop. Novel is an artist with versatile sound that ranges from trap, to rap, to hip hop.

You know when you in a club, and a great song comes on you know you can get down on. Well, let me tell you about Novels’ song “Litboi”, because that is what is going to happen.

This song has lyrics filled with gun talk, but also playful lyricism. Novel manages to add all these layers of sounds, vocals and shout outs, and keep it all crystal clear. He has great animation on all his verses. You definitely won’t be bored with this one. I can see this song playin’ in clubs, and in the car.

“Litboi”, set to be released August 1, 2017, was produced by Penocho and released by his independent label, Dope Hitz Entertainment. This will be the “GOATs'” debut single word wide.

You can hear this song and more at his website:

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