MBB: How did you come up with the name of your band?
BLACK JASMINE: Because Jasmine represent the China and my music mixed Chinese and American music. Also I think black jasmine is unique, you can find white jasmine everywhere but you would never see black jasmine which means my music is unique and my band will be stand out from other bands.

MBB: How would you describe the bands sound?
BLACK JASMINE: Three of us are classical music trained, so I think our music won’t be completely pop. Instead, we are going to make new type of pop music with drama. Because we are doing A cappella music and between these contrast phrases of the song, we created character and conversation. Three voices are three different characters. Also, we made a original musical show called The story of Black Jasmine.

MBB: How many days on average does it take your band to compose a new song?
BLACK JASMINE: Actually, I never set time limit for each song. Sometimes we made twangs together. sometimes I wrote song every week. Actually we spent more time on rehearsing each songs.

MBB: How long have you been singing and What can we expect this year from you in music?
BLACK JASMINE: We been working together for one year. This Year, We are trying to add electronic music in our song. Because I think when we combine classical Chinese music with electronic music together. It will be sounds like we are modernize the mysterious Eastern music.

MBB: Which other artists would you most like to work with and why?
BLACK JASMINE: I would like to work with Richard Melville Hall. He is a famous electronic music composer and singer. Because I really admire him and I think he never try to work with Chinese Musician and Chinese music, So I think he will interested and it would be a good chance for both of us.

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