This up and coming artist is making his mark with great determination and hard work. AfterPxrty is a hip hop artist coming out of Grand Rapids, MI. He has hit the iTunes Charts in 16 different countries with two previous projects. His new release, “Blade Runner” (June 24, 2017), is a little more special to AfterPxrty than maybe some previous work. This due to the fact this is his first release as an artist under his own label, Global Money Group LLC.

When AfterPxrty spoke about his new release “Blade Runner”, he said, “…the song is hip hop at its finest and purist form with raw production and great lyricism. I hope you enjoy!” –AFTERPXRTY

I thought the song was deep with great flow and overall tone. The chorus has a nice soulful woman singing. It adds a creative, yet, almost vulnerable feel. The chorus is matched with strong and determined lyrics. This artist is going places, and fast! Check out “Blade Runner” by AfterPxrty.

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