Some may argue the need to have “mood enhancements” to experience this artists’ musical visions in this album. ┬áThe album is titled, “Glucose” (released 2017) recorded by Silent n’ Wise, and the artist behind the music is Han Sino. ┬áHan Sino is a Spoken Word artist from Creteil, France who uses the modern means of CAM-Software, and Hardware sequences, as well as digital and analog keyboards and synthesizers to produce original creations.

Han Sinos’ album, “Glucose”, is an array of sounds and instruments. After listening to the entire album, I thought I would randomly review some songs.

One song, “Dovez”, has strong bass with Jazz feel mixed with a little twist into a trance/mellow tone. If you take another song like “Glucose”, the way Han changes instruments and even the tempo, you can hear the story being told just by the sounds being played. This song has no lyrics but is very interesting to listen to. Another one that is a bit original is, “Blue Roses”. This song has use of an electric keyboard mixed with a synthesizer all combined with intricately placed sounds including voice instrumentation. Very interesting combination. Last one I will talk about is, “Deeply Sleepin'”. It begins with the humble sounds of the bass guitar for a couple of bars. Then, Han introduces a variety of sounds, a bell, hand drumming, combined with some voice instrumentation. This song I would describe as an organized mess of mellow music. I found it very unique.

Han Sino refers to his new album as “Nu Rare Groove Nu Soul/Nu Jazz Project entitled “Glucose”. He described “Glucose”, the album, as such; “‘Glucose’ means etymologically ‘sweet flavor’..’Glucose’ originally referred to the sugar that found in grape x honey… The beverages one brews from it.. ‘Glucose’ is the need for sweetness x humanity we need in life… A essential source of energy”.

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