Arthur Rivers, a singer/songwriter based out of Switzerland and Germany, has the dual ability to dabble in both acoustic and electronic soundscapes that can really set him apart. Arthur has a vast knowledge of many instruments, most notably, his ukulele. He has traveled many countries in the past decade, carving up quite diverse dynamic career path. His music making showcases his diverse life experiences; raw, real, and relate-able.

Arthur Rivers’ “groove” is described as an indie/folk/blues infused sound. One great thing I noticed about Arthurs’ music is each song has its own sound and “personality”. One song could be very happy with the sound of the ukulele, whilst the next is more dark.

His new single “Let it Rain”, from his new EP, “Unknown Feelings” (released June 15, 2017), is a bit on the darker side from all his other work. It dives deep into demons we all feel inside, and the ability to over come them. I highly recommend this song and Arthur Rivers new EP.

arthur rivers

arthur rivers

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