If you have listened to a young female rapper by the name of L PEEZ, then you know she has a way of spitting out words that can resonate deep. This girl is getting quite the following on Youtube for such songs like, “Keeper” feat. Ms. Paisha, and “All I Ever Do”. With the latter song gaining well over 1,000 views. Her new single, “Make Moves”, will not leave you disappointed.

“Make Moves” is a little different than much of her previous work. If you know her previous work, you know alcohol is usually a topic in her songs. This new song however, seems more personal. It has a familiar beat and catchy chorus but, L PEEZ makes it her own. The chorus seems to have a slight reggae feel, while the lyrics this girl spits out, with ease and speed, gives you the sense of self and female empowerment. There is true poetry in her writing.

Born in Hawaii, she wrote her first song at the young age of 8. Later after living in Atlanta, L PEEZ recognized that music is her real passion. Making a decision, she took that self knowledge and moved to Denver, Colorado. Now, since living there, she is making serious headway. This new song is sure to put a spotlight on this artist.

After listening to “Make Moves”, I find I am singing the chorus in my head when I am doing my own thing. One chorus line that sticks: “Let’s make moves, Cause being broke ain’t never been cool, Let’s make moves”,  L PEEZ. I recommend you give this song a listen. You will not only feel the empowerment, you will want to get on your own game. I look forward to seeing what this girl does next. L Peez has mad skills with her rap game and knows how to keep it real.

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