“Hip-Pop” is described as Hip Hop infused Pop , Syde Track executes this nicely. His label Hitz Entertainment/Trakvision, which is based in Trenton, is expanding their roster to include more mainstream type acts.

“Hey Pretty Girl” is a catchy tune with that repetitive hook and lyrics that makes it easy to sing along to. At first the song might sound like a gimmick, but upon further listening the artists actually displays a talented and witty style.

“I remember when i met her, everything was real cool.
She stood like 5’2″ with tattoos on her back
and a fresh hair-do. Hey!”
– Syde Trak

The production is clean and vocals mixed solid. Also the songs arrangement has good structure. Metaphorically, Syde Trak compares his love interest with everything from skittles, rainbows, the easter bunny, sunny days and more. You know, the good things in life? The song may be influenced by real life feelings or experience. As he says, “It’s so amazin’!”

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