arda & the stolen moon

arda & the stolen moon

Arda & the Stolen Moon is a great new band that showcases the amazing talents of singer/songwriter Arda G.

Exploring the art of songwriting and sharing her music with the world is her true calling. The exciting band of musicians that accompany her are young, dedicated, and deliver feel good music for real people. Debut album ‘Minutes Into Years’ is available now!

Arda displays an organic and dynamic sound:

“Before you came, everyday was the same.
Had to keep a diary so I wouldn’t live Monday again.”



The title is of this performance is “Who am i kidding”, and I think we can all relate to this concept at one particular time or another. That is one of the reasons why Arda is such a great songwriter, because listeners can identify with her words, and might even feel the same way at any given time.

“Still I find myself, making coffee for you.
Strong and sweet, just like the way I see you.”
– Arda & the Stolen Moon

The album “Minutes Into Years” is even being re-released as a limited edition vinyl on next month, and is produced by Robert Camassa. This project revolves around Arda’s band, but also features the cream of the crop of Cypriot musicians.

Arda & the Stolen Moon has received airplay in the States and many European countries so far with lots of positive press. The lead singer has some very interesting and clever lyrics. Although she is working on her stage presence, the words seem to come to her naturally as she blends with the music.

We are looking forward to hearing more music from this fresh new group, stay tuned for updates and use the following links for more info.

Click here to visit their website.
Also check out their Bandcamp

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