This brand of “Stoner Rock” is loud, fast and in your face. The track “Your Halo” in particular is very loud and aggressive, with a mixture of punk and modern Rock and Roll. As an indie band on the Midwest scene, Trae Byrnes pulls no punches with their music in 2017.

Check out the story of the formation of this upcoming band:

Trae Byrnes is an American alternative rock band from the north side of Chicago, IL. The beginnings of the band formed in 2011 when Aidin mengele ordered a soda from a McDonalds in which Liam Teague was working cashier. From then on a musical friendship quickly began between the two and they would begin to jam out and later form songs that would become Trae Byrnes. Later on, through mutual friends, Danny Eddz became interested in Trae Byrnes’ earlier sound. With Danny Eddz in the band Trae Byrnes began to take themselves more seriously. In mid-2015, in need of a second guitarist and permanent drummer Christopher Chi and Jhonny Tripp were acquire to complete the line-up.

Produced by Word Of Mouth Recording, Trae Byrnes’ sound is a mix of Hard Rock, metal and 90’s grunge. This rock aesthetic has an emphasis on dreamy guitar tones and infectious rhythms. In their career, Trae Byrnes has shared the same stage as Mandatory Abortions, Shitizen, The Fundamental Kinks, The Phone Calls, Rotten Finko and the Convicts, and many more.

trae byrnes

trae byrnes

This band has tons of energy and just one dose of the music will wake anyone up. The guitars have bite, the cymbals crash, and the lead singers whales his vocals from ht gut. Fitting that the title of their new album is “Why You So Loud”, as to throw it back in the face of any body wanting to turn the volume down.



Stay tuned for more music from Trae Byrnes.

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