This review is for Dada Doe “Light Me Up”, a new banger and video premier making some waves on the underground. Dada Doe is a female emcee from San Bernardino and she is going hard on her grind this year.

The track as a whole is good, she has great rhythm and style, displaying her confidence through her sharp delivery. Just the hook by itself is enough to get any club goer turned up and in a hyper mood. She spits: “Light me up, light me up, turn me up, turn me up. Pour me up, pour me up, where my cup, where my cup?”.

The video depicts Dada Doe and friends enjoying countless bottles of alcohol, all while rapping an impromptu concert in the kitchen and living room. The low budget production doesn’t disappoint due to the authentic energy of Dada Doe’s supporters.

Blunts and bottles are everywhere in the video, the hi-hats are real trap style, and the bass thumps nice. obviously creating music is the her main passion, but Dada has been busy even when not recording in the studio.

You pay attention, i’m at it again, no lames in my circle,
i’m fresh as hell, i’m fresh as hell like Stephen and Steve Erkel.
-Dada Doe

Recently she has been performed at several shows, and was a finalist in “The Sound of Las Vegas” auditions for Mogul Money Records. After watching the video, it is clear that Doe has a natural talent for rapping and dancing, feeling totally comfortable in front of the camera.

Rarely do you see a female doing all the necessary things to be successful on her own in the industry. Be on the lookout for the moves she’s making in 2017.

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