We have a special exclusive interview with Kilo M.O.E. who has a Brand new single for the upcoming album named Feddy Andretti.

MBB: How did you link up with Twan Beatmaker?
KILO M.O.E.: About four years ago when I first started this digital company and rebranding myself to modernize the sound of the brand Chicago Artist I was working with at the time pointed me in TwanBeatmaker’s direction. At the time he was somewhat exclusive and everyone online wasn’t dealing with him. So I had the opportunity to listen to roughly 15 tracks he had available and I chose 5 of them which ended up being the Globetrottaz mixtape which in essence became the project that created the momentum. The 5 songs on that project were some of the most popular. Afterwards it only made sense develop a long standing relationship and ever since we’ve been in communication with the beats.

MBB: What does the M.O.E. stand for?
KILO M.O.E stands for Money Over Everything.

MBB: We noticed you are an experienced stage performer, what is the largest crowd you have performed for?
KILO M.O.E.: The largest crowd currently was about 1300 at the Kansas 420 in 2014.

MBB: How long have you been rapping and What can we expect this year from you in music?
KILO M.O.E.: Ive literally been rapping and songwriting all of my life. 30 something years. I grew up as an entertainer and deep in the arts.
This year I have several projects on the table slated for release from myself and I will be introducing projects from artists on my label. Feddy Andretti is my latest album dropping end of March. Ill be making announcements soon about my artists projects once we get all the business done.

MBB: Which industry artists would you most like to work with and why?
KILO M.O.E. Right now im deeply immersed in solidifying my own brand. However when these opportunities present themselves and the business makes sense id love to reach out Raekwon and Ghostface. French Montana, Travis Scott, and Uncle Murdah. These guys come to mind right away and stay on my radar.

Listen to Kilo M.O.E.’s track BRAGGIN

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