This review is on a new album from Han Sino, who we’ve reviewed once before. This time he brings some other-worldly sounds to the table with “The Blue Shapes Score” most of which are fitting for TV and film.

He hails from Creteil (Near Paris, France), and represents for Silent n’ Wise Records. The style or genre of music he specializes in is coined Nu Jazz/Rare Groove. All the tracks were produced and composed by Han Sino himself, in Computer Assisted Music with a master keyboard and a sequencer.

It’s clear that Han Sino has a passion for this music due to the amount of work he outs out. Bells and strings seem to be his go to instruments, also He likes to use a lot of percussion and keyboards.

In his own words he describes “The Blue Shapes Score” as the imaginary soundtrack of the blue color fairy x erotic variations. The project features 12 original Urban Rare Groove tracks cooked up by Han Sino, himself.

Check out the tracklist:

1. Saphire
2. Azure
3. Dark
4. Indigo
5. Steel
6. Celeste
7. Midnight
8. Pastel
9. Outremer
10. Methylene
11. Persian
12. Turquoise

the blue shapes score han sino


Some of the tracks have spooky vibes, such as “Persian”, while others seem more upbeat and happy. This is one of Han Sino’s strengths, versatility.

All the track names consist of one word titles, making the entire body of work sound like different chapters of a book. Take the “Pastel” track for example, it has a laid back mood with plenty of ambiance to keep the listener engaged.

Although some of the songs have a few pitch, mixing and frequency errors, overall i think this is a great effort by Han Sino. He is definitely in a lane of his own.

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