JT The Bigga Figga or Figg Panamera is the brains behind Get Low Records, Mandatory Business, Trapflix and a slough of other entities. His latest mega-effort is building a school for business students in the homeland, Africa.

jt the bigga figga

Figg Panamera trading shoes with his bretheren

His school called Fillmoe Africa is Located near San-Pédro, a city in southwestern Ivory Coast. It is the nation’s second largest port and the seat of Bas-Sassandra District and San-Pédro Region.

Check out some of his instagram videos below to see him in action:

@louisfarrakhan x @figgpanamera teacher student relationship ❤️ #FillmoeAfrica

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“Building my school my water well and toilets brought tears to my eyes. #FillmoeAfrica is a reality now. ALLAH U AKBAR. Rap money, no financial backing no grants no loans and most def NO MUTHA FUCKIN 360 deal building from scratch 4 cities 2 countries and 4 villages. GOD IS KING and I’m just one of His servants. I heard His word and stayed obedient and He rewarded me with success. This is the beginning and I pray more Black American men stand up to build our hoods then branch out to our families in Africa they need us bad. We take shit for granted and waste money on dumb shit and have nothing to show for it. Well not me I got a lot to show for it but this better than my Lamborghini my BMW i8 my Mercedes Sprinter and the houses. lives got changed for the better now I feel like somebody. Fuck who don’t like me kill ya self we won’t miss u I promise”



Proud moment #FillmoeAfrica

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JT’s business grind and hustle is unmatched and his output is simply on another level. Follow his Instagram if you can keep up.

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