TimBdagod presents a new single called “Bars No Lyrics” from the upcoming mixtape “Best Thing Since Nelly 3”. Oh, did we mention TimBdagod is from St. Louis?

The beat is has the usual catchy synths and bubble-down effects of the typical trap beat. What does set it apart is the sample of Ashanti’s ‘oh’ on top of the instrumental, adding a nice hip hop feel to the track.

Even though the music is decent, overall the sound quality is sub-par. Attention should be payed for more proper mixing and mastering. TimBdagod has a lot of potential and good song writing abilities, so polishing his sound will be the next move to hurdle his career to the next level.

The single ‘Bars No Lyrics’ is now available on TimBdagod’s own label, and His brand of Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop is more fun than some of the negative messages portrayed frequently in this type of music.



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