L-Love dropped a new dope track. ‘Taste You’ is a really fun song to listen to whether you like lyrics or just to dance.



The first thing I notice is L-Love’s Playerish sounding rap flow. It was almost like a limerick poem or some sort of adult nursery rhyme. He has a polished, unmistakable Bay Area style which is emphasized by the funky beat. The rapper seems highly influenced by artists like Mac Dre and Dru Down, with his laid back and simple yet catchy playboy rhymes. The topic is generally about the ladies and his infatuation with them, thus the name L-Love.

“Baby girl yeah, it’ll happen again.
But don’t hit my number i’ll tell you when.”
– L-Love

The hook provided by Sultry-C does the job nicely in between the verses, setting the tone for more sexual raps. The whole song is a good vibe and we will be looking forward to more music from this dope artist. You can purchase the song here.

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