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The Music Boombox is a great platform for all indie artists to receive exposure on an official media outlet. Today’s review is for a brand new song from AfterPxrty called ‘YNCFWM’, which after several listens I was able to break down the acronym. Y’all Niggas Cant Fuck With Me.

The beat has potential, but sounds like it has been MP3’d and compressed to death, along with most of AfterPxrty’s vocals. I could go on and on about this sound quality but there is some cool rhymes on the track. His album “East Grand Rapids Yacht Club” available on all streaming services.

After a couple minutes into the song the beat breaks down, and restarts but it sounds transposed or pitched down. Afterpxrty resumes his flow almost as if it was the remix to the previous track. Very interesting and creative because it caught me off guard.



Afterpxrty is an emcee from Grand Rapids on the Trouble Radio Soldiers imprint.

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