Knockouts Ent/Mgmt Presents Rap Legend 205 “The Next Big Thing”

rap legend

rap legend 205

Here we have a great performance from an authentic artist, equipped with a unique voice and message to share. “The Next Big Thing” is really Good music, and Solid all the way through.

Stand out tracks are “Alabama Roads” “Black Beatles (except for the sample at the end)”, and “Do What” in particular is a great song with an amazing Devin the Dude sample on the hook.

“On these Alabama Roads I seen n*ggas sell they soul,
I seen n*ggas go to court on they partner yeah they told.”
– Rap Legend 205

While the raps are on point and enjoyable, the main downfall to the project is the majority of tracks are industry beats. Rap legend 205 kindly takes A Rick Ross track produced by Nonstop Da Hitman. He also takes Several other artists tracks and labels them “Freestyles”.

His mic skills are good enough to devote the time and effort into a completely original product, without the use of mixtape beats. I like the fact that his features are kept to a bare minimum, leaving time for his voice to grow on the listener.

Rap Legend 205 flips various styles throughout and sticks to the overall trap theme. Another good quality is the versatility of different melodies, flows, and lyrics.

This 2016 release is promising for Rap Legend 205 because it has good production, concepts and even some personal insights into his life. His street tales are inter-weaved with real life experience.

All songs are spoken through his infectious Alabama accent, giving an unmistakable authenticity to this effort. We will be looking out for future music from Rap Legend and other artists from this side of the map.

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