This is a review on Han Sino for the “Blending Sounds” project. He is based out near Paris, France and has submitted his instrumental album. Han Sino is an artist of instrumental Nu Jazz musical creation and Urban Spoken Word Poetry.


han sino

Nu Jazz/Rare Groove as he calls it is his own distinct style of playing music. Experimentation would be the best word to describe this album, and it sounds like Han Sino is having a lot of fun doing it. The “Night Groove” instrumental starts off with a dark and spooky vibe, making the listener feel as if he was in a suspenseful movie scene.

Strengthened by the success of this baroque Spoken Word Poetry, the French artist returns to the sources by publishing more and more jazzy, then groovy projects. Han Sino is an artist name referring to Asian Poetry and Wisdom. Many connections, in relation with general and popular culture, are possible, in over reading. “Tandoori Flava” sounds really abstract, but still good with Lots of Tablas, Congas and more ethnic sounding instruments.

I can hear a few of these tracks sounding good in the background of some movies or commercials. The only drawback is that many of these tracks sound the same, and there are a few spots where the melodies and sound quality could be more polished.

This very colorful sound evokes the pleasure of living, the inner peace, and the good things that we appreciate in existence. This is a poetic approach of urban music.”Fed Up With Flowers” has some nice bass and electric guitar mixed with a tribal rhythm, one of the better songs in my opinion.

This contemporary creator’s sound is characterized by a groove, a swing or an atmosphere inspired by the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but resolutely turned toward future and most daring experiences. Han Sino boasts over 20 albums, Enjoy his music on Bandcamp.

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