Today’s review is for a track from Bay Area artist Mac Jeff titled “Ain’t No Team” featuring L-Love.

He has some interesting and clever rhymes on this song, showcasing his metaphorical skill set. The hook repeats “ain’t no team got the whole game on my shoulders”, suggesting that these two artists are independent in the industry. Mac Jeff doesn’t need to depend on others, as he is willing to do the hard work on his own.


mac jeff

Mac Jeff seems to be a punchline king of sorts, with one liners like:
“Ain’t no trust in this empire like Cookie and Lucious”
“You ain’t in my circle dumbass you a square you a rhombus”
and my favorite, “Ill fatten your lip like the Kylie Jenner challenge”

One thing we would like to see in the future from Mac Jeff is a more steady rhythm, as he tends to rap off beat from time to time. also the song was fun to listen to and i feel like having a third verse would have made it more complete. Guest appearance by L-Love was good too, although he doesn’t match the lyrical prowess of mac Jeff, he has a nice voice and rhythm to his flows.

Support Mac Jeff by purchasing his new album on CDBaby.

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