This review is for a set of songs performed by the beautiful Maddam X. She had a headlining show at The Paper Box in Brooklyn and we had the pleasure of watching the entire performance. The infectious guitar solo at the beginning of “Red Light District” sets the perfect tone, before the sultry dancers come out to further build up the mood. Enter Maddam X, a lioness who commands the stage with confidence and a tall, imposing presence.

maddam x live

maddam x

Her performance on this one is polished and seems like second nature to her. I think she’s going to have tons of people gravitating towards her based on her beautiful voice alone. It’s like a mix between old school ballads and modern lingo. The Harlem representative spits lyrics and sings great harmony’s, while moving in synchronicity with her dancers.

The “Got Me Like” track, where she sings ‘You looking like a king and you treat me like a queen and I love how you keep it between us.’ has a nice sophisticated vibe to it. She is clearly a leader who takes pride in her choreography, lyrics, production and stage show.

“I know just what you need, let me be your doctor roll up my sleeves.” – Maddam X

In between songs she shares a few words with her fans, sometimes asking them to help her in a chant of sorts, demonstrating her true crowd control. This is probably easy to do for her considering her glamorous image. I think if she brought her act to the west coast she could open up a whole new fanbase. In this performance, there are lots of different camera angles which is great, her team is definitely in her corner.

The “Benjamin$” track is a lot more street, hip hop and motivated by money. She shows she is not scared to use profanity on her songs, because that is the only form of true expression. Nothings is going to stop Maddam X’s grind as she is the definition of independent. Her style of Pop/ Contemporary R&B has mass appeal, and when a major label has the right type of deal for her, I am sure she will elevate her game to the next level.

Lookout for these songs on her upcoming EP “Red Light District” scheduled for release at the end of November!

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