This review is for the compilation album “We Talkin Money Vol 1” by Digital 7 Music Group. Let me start by saying that this is good. Really good. It will be available for download on Oct. 10. They are the cream of the trap music scene, and have some incredible dance songs with a vibe: pure hustle music! This project is Executive Produced By Lord B, starting his trademark series of Volume albums.

The first track “Cut Up” comes out bangin’ with a real tight bass 808 and synths.Everything from the mixing, to production, concepts and performance. It’s Hook is real upbeat and catchy, definitely feelin’ this one. Actually most of the songs are just in line with the quality that we appreciate here at Music Boombox.


digital 7 music group


Although I don’t care much for autotune, i don’t mind hearing it so heavy on this album. “Runnin” is a cool track with some D-boy trap styles jumpin’ off. Hustlin’ seems to be a common theme among the Digital Seven Music Group ans another favorite track of mine is “All In Me”

¬†“what’s a man supposed to do that could have been me, face down bleedin’ out my blood on the street”.

“Trust issues” deals with pain and struggle, painting the picture of a single mother struggling with seven children. This compilation features various artists and is¬†Executive Produced By Lord B, starting his trademark series of Volume albums.

The “Grown man” track is exactly that, a more mature reflection of some of what Digital 7 represents. Chanting ‘grown men don’t cry’ the song speaks a political and real view of the society we live in today.

Check out their website to stay up to date with all the newest projects they have, and keep your ear to the streets with more interviews and reviews coming soon on Music Boombox.

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