We are Reviewing the album East Grand Rapids Yacht Club by After Pxrty….. A definite hardcore Hip Hop project.

We love hardcore rap here at Music Boombox, so we enjoyed After Pxrty’s project right off the bat. With his aggressive style and lyrics, he treats each track as a punching bag, releasing all his frustrations and feelings out without holding back. The album is not censored or watered down, meaning it is full of profanity, but there is no other way to express the real feeling in music. This is true honesty and artistry, because After Pxrty doesn’t compromise his sound to fit in any mold.

In particular, we are reviewing the lead track “Flight to Tennesse” where he spits some real life messages that also come across as a subliminal shot towards someone else, possibly another artist. The lyrics and delivery on the track are polished, although the grimy sounding instrumental could use a little cleaning up,  maybe that’s the sound the producer was aiming for.

“I aint stuck wit yall, yall stuck with me, as soon as i’m sick of yall, rest in piece.”


Grand Rapids, Michigan has seen some exceptional artists popping up recently, and AfterPxrty is pushing towards the forefront. Presented on the trouble Radio Soldiers label, this is going to be a great addition to their imprint.


“The Summer Was Blue” has a nice catchy old school feel to it. It is very Reminiscent to the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. The last track “Noble” continues the hardcore tradition of the album with its dark but melodic background beat. Even though it is 2016 this song could have totally been apart of some old Wu-Tang music albums.


to keep up with After Pxrty’s music here is a Apple itunes link for the album

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