We are expanding our horizons and getting more music submitted than ever before. One artist in particular that stood out apart from the rest is Gustavo Uribe. His new project Cholo 2.0 is a interesting piece of musical satire. a cross between Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa and pretty much anything else you can think of. One thing is for sure, you can’t put Gustavo in a box.

Hailing from Santa Barbara, He wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the entire album. It was co-produced by his friend and bass player Zephyr Avalon. “Sweet illusions”, “Que sabes tu” and “Waiting for me are all solid tracks, but the catchiest tune is the title track “Cholo 2.0”. Gustavo started working on it at Cal Arts and recorded the live instruments from his musician friends and school mates. All the female vocals were performed by Sydney Arcane, an LA based vocalist. The album has its serious moments, but a lot of it is poking fun at the silliness in the music industry currently.

Additional album credits go to Clifford Gilmore on trumpet, Evan Montgomery on Electric Guitar and Jacques Philipp Pradel, who specializes in the Congas. That’s not all though, the live band concept also includes Logan Hone playing alto saxophone, Matthew Allen on the Vibraphone and the electric bass handled by Zephyr Avalon. Live instrumentation always gives new music an authentic feel to it. Certain elements just don’t sound right coming from a synthesizer. So in this category, Gustavo is doing much more than the average hip hop emcee rapping over a looped beat.


“If They Were Here” – contains music samples from concert theatre work “Flow” by Christina Ward


You know it’s a team effort when you see it, and Gustavo  definitely has plenty of supporters helping him push. “Cholo 2.0” was mastered by, with graphics provided by Isaac Welsh.

If you would like to get Gustavo’s music or keep updated check out the links below:

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