Marwan Maurice – Contin (Official Video)

Contin’ is about prescription drug use. The track is an original writing from singer/songwriter/musician Marwan Maurice. It took a couple times listening to figure out what he was talking about, but that’s ok. leaving a deeper message inside the fun atmosphere is always a good thing. Don’t be fooled by the happy theme, only skilled writers and creators can blend dark subject matter with radiant vibes. ‘Contin’ is slang for abuse of the federally regulated drug oxy contin. The video with all of it’s colors is definitely a mix of personal experience and emotions derived from Marwan himself. It also touches on the confusion between fiction and non-fiction during a depressive state of mind.

It’s great when an artist can take an instrumental and use it like a canvas to paint a picture. Of course most artists will approach a beat differently, but Marwan Maurice goes completely outside the box. His style is somewhat akward but nevertheless his artistry always commands attention. In a creative world full of copycats Marwan chooses to stand out, with genre bending sounds and a quirky image. Through his experience Marwan expresses, “Injury initiated this darkness and oxy contin brought clouds”, when speaking on his encounter with the drug.

“When i wake up, sleeping on the cloud.
fallin’ from the sky omg i’m comin’ down”

Featuring lots of great visuals and a nice skateboarding scene, the video is accurate to the feel of what Marwan is attempting. Overcoming substance addiction will forever be a popular concept for songs, but this song also has a crossover feel to it making it more marketable. Audio/Video produced by Handmade Productions in Nashville, TN.

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