Tracy Ann Lisa, or T.A.L. is a singer/songwriter/actress making lots of moves in the industry. Her Carribbean influence is evident right off the bat, and it sounds very unique with her style of lyrics. This track is called “check me out” is a smooth track with original style. Cliche title but the song still makes an impact.

“You don’t know how to handle your lady’s grind,
move over let another rude boy shine.”

The lyrics stand out the most on this song, I think they’re really cool. It seems someone may have ruined a good chance to be in her life, and now she’s is just giving them a friendly reminder of that! This type of tone and feeling on a song by a female is always a breath of fresh air, because it’s still fun when you listen to it. She really has her harmonies down, and a sultry voice to go with.

Tal is a proud member of ASCAP and has been featured on ABC abd Fox news outlets for some of her various performances. “Check me out” can easily fit in R&B . pop and reggae categories. The fusion of all the different styles, combined with her travels creates this very new sound.


The beat on this has a nice bounce to it, and the hook is very catchy. We hope to hear more music from miss Tracy ann lisa in the near future, she is most definitely a talented singer to look out for this year. Her work ethic and dedication shows that she is willing to do what it takes to make sure people hear her music.

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