Album review for Dre the Great and Ovagedmindz presents “Life is What You Make It” The EP. This Hip Hop based EP focuses on the Ups and downs of Dre the Great, and he definitely lives up to his name.

Album Review

Although I am reviewing his entire project, I found it hard to make it past the intro, as i kept rewinding it. Produced by Canei Finch, The blend of this sampled instrumental and Dre’s New York slang is too authentic to ignore.

“Dubai on my snap-back that’s where i’m goin’
Started film writing for these movies I be makin'”

Released this year (2016) on the Ovagedmindz imprint, this lyrical acheivement is setting the tone for real Hip Hop to make its resurgence. Dre the great is leading the way towards bringing back the true essence of the culture, especially since he represents the birthplace of all Hip Hop elements. Emceeing, grafitti, breakdancing, and Deejaying.

dre the great album review

Dre the Great – Album Review

The track “#Sluglife” is a nice change of pace in the middle of the album because it features a more bouncy beat and catchy hook. The song features Dougie Dinero and boasts lyrics such as ” Front door got a padlock, AK by the doormat, behind that is a Mausberg, and you aint gon’ want none of that.” #Sluglife brings a Southern style to this otherwise East Coast sounding project.

“Blackout” is another standout track on this EP. He has even more guest features such as Kickz, Drago Barrz and Noelani.

Overall this album rates a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars because of the quality of rhymes, concepts and production. All Dre’s rapsĀ are polished and delivered perfectly, while the hooks keep you interested and looking forward to the next verse.

Historically , Hip Hop albums with several different producers have not been classics. However, The “Life is what you make it” project features a different beat-maker on almost every track, yet seems to mesh together as a harmonious body of work. More producers include Blair Norf, C.O.O.P, BROCK, Sledgren, Freez on da Track, Nascent, DJ Cyringe, Ryan Klos, Canis Major and !llmind.

Looking forward to hearing more music from Dre the Great.

Download this awesome project HERE

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