Political rhymes and thoughtful content. Introducing Earl Ray Da Ogre

A few years ago Labo The Beat Makers and Earl Ray Da Ogre connected on sound cloud. Labo is a producer from Paris, France and Earl Ray Da Ogre is artist from Dallas, Texas. They have worked together on a project with various artists called Certified Hood Classics Vol 2.

Featuring catchy beats, Da ogre displays exceptional storytelling skills on “Crystal Ball”, where he raps about people choosing the wrong path in life, going from good to bad. Each verse talks about a different learning situation.

After the success of the Certified Hood Classics project they decided to do an exclusive project, and now bring you Rhythm & Ogre. Rhythm & Ogre is a project that is purely grown up hip hop aka real life music. Hosted by DJ Memories from the UK this project already has a world wide feel to it.

This album has a lot of personal sounding tracks. Early Ray Da Ogre opens up on “Talking to the moon” sharing firsthand details of ups and downs. This track has a lot of substance to it, and the whole album actually touches on many social issues. Lyrics like “You can’t whip your child for actin up, but a cop can hop out , and shoot em up” are at the heart of civil unrest in the United States and all over the world.


The cover artwork is different, it’s a cartoon drawing of an Ogre looking creature rocking the crowd at a show, very interesting to say the least. I like it, again it shows the uniqueness of the artist, never afraid to go against the grain and try something new. In the music industry of today, an independent musician must have this mentality. All the information given on this mixtape is thought provoking, as well as entertaining. Earl Ray is definitely not your average rapper stumbling over cliches, He’s tackling real problems that many other artists seem to overlook.

Earl Ray Da Ogre & Labo are on a path of beautiful destruction.

Download the Rythym and Ogre mixtape here


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