Duke – Trap Alive. This album is cohesive and the songs sound like they go together. The beats are pretty consistent throughout, following a trap theme with a slightly dark mood. Street tales inter-weaved with melodic hooks are what one can expect from listening to the music of Duke.

He takes over the tracks with an unmistakable accent that is instantly recognizable. Duke comes across with a southern style of laid back hip hop, similar to artists in Atlanta.

Duke is an independent artist from Washington DC, he has Thousands of internet radio spins, and many blog placements. He has spins on internet Radio stations in Great Britain, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Czech Republic and more. He is also very active on the different Social media web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Sound cloud, Coast 2 Coast, Spinn up, & Reverb nation.

The mood of this music is like a continuous trap house dream full of women, drugs, police, and living the fast life. Duke has his target market all mapped out, using various promotional techniques to bring his music more fans. We have previously posted music from Duke before, and he continues to push his career along.

duke - trap alive

trap alive album review

We give this album an overall 3/5 stars. Vocals could use a bit more polishing at times, nonetheless, Duke maintains a decent delivert at times. While the actual music and beats are good, the sound quality seems a little degraded in some parts.

The favorite is ‘Straight There’ , a storytelling with the repetitious chant “Neighbors knockin!” in the hook. This is the lead off single and is doing very well, gaining exposure and many shares on social media.

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