The name is just as it sounds, “Good Time Song” is a new jam from the Atlanta, Ga party squad Elevare Empire.

“Good Time Song”

In basic origin and definition the word “Elevare” is Italian for Elevate and “Empire“ is English for strong group . Elevare Empire’s central ambition is to create lively,
entertaining, and enjoyable songs. Enabled by modern day technology, the world is now a studio and collaboration can be
done across the nation(s).

New age devices make it possible for unique, never done before creative combinations and mixtures. They are taking full advantage of the situation and releasing some very interesting music. Elevare Empire is gaining traction and grabbing the listeners ears , catching them by surprise.

Unable to fit in a category due to being SO original, one can only describe this music as Trip Hop. Kind of like a drug induced party song. Happy times are encouraged, as the “La La La La La ” hook sings repetitive, and you are brought to a euphoric state. You can’t help but have a ‘good time’ while listening to this group.

The beat is sort of silly (which is fitting to the concept) but actually catchy and well produced, It is simple and straight to the point. Elevare Empire is releasing nothing but positive vibes in this song, with lines like “my mind is in the sunshine, I’m having such a good time. Happy happy is my sign,”.



“Good time song” is produced by So Fo Real Productions and was Mixed/Mastered at Shank Studios. EEM party squad is transcending genres with their image and music. Creating abstract music as well as popular grooves, they appeal to music fans universally.

EEM party squad can turn it out at a live show, so everyone should really check them out if they get an opportunity. With over 2000 likes on their Facebook fan page Elevare Empire is promoting and growing their brand. New fans are bound to be drawn in by the originality displayed in their music.

Curator DJ Nomihodai has always believed in and been a proponent of releasing only positive uplifting vibes and energy. DJ Nomihodai’s strong love for music and high regard for genuine creativity coupled with originality were prime motivations for establishing the Elevare Empire platform.

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