The Performing Arts Alliance states that music funding in public schools has been cut by more than 40 percent in recent years. Now millions of low-income students will no longer have have a chance to enjoy music lessons. A trio of Southern California musicians have came up with a clever way to give free music lessons through a free new app called Band Blast.

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Gloria Lum, a Los Angeles cellist in the Philharmonic, says her access to music lessons in school changed the course of her life. “When I’m playing, once I get beyond the notes and difficulty, what I’m looking to do is connect. That’s where our humanity lies in those moments where you have connection with somebody else.”

Lum teamed up with fellow musicians Terry Carter and Brandon Bernstein to create a new app offering free music lessons. Dozens of world renowned musicians appear on the app, giving music lessons that anybody can play along with.

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Band Blast also teaches pitch, rhythm and also how to read music easily because the lessons feel more like games. “If you can capture their imagination, but now do it in a way where they’re learning, but they don’t feel like they’re learning, I think we really got something.” Carter said.

The Pasadena Arts Council, which is a non profit company is the group funding the music app. This organization is also trying to get free instruments into the hands of public school kids in the music life boat program.
If you’d like to help, or donate visit their website

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