This week’s GGN show features Michael Rapaport, who is best known for his controversial roles in films like ‘Zebrahead’ and ‘Higher Learning’. Snoop Dogg aka Nemo Hoes and Mr. Rapaport trade stories from the 90’s and have a great time reminiscing about a very important moment in Hip Hop history.

It was the ‘Poetic Justice’ screening event , “Do you remember the first time we ever met?” Rapaport asked host Snoop. “I believe it was 94, that was the first night i met 2pac” Snoop responds.

snoop pac

“I know. I saw it. I saw you meet him. I was right there. I saw the whole thing,” says Rapaport. Reportedly, a spontaneous rap cypher started as Pac and Snoop met each other for the first time. Rapaport adds “It wasn’t tense. But then he started rhyming, ‘All your people are looking at me.’ I was like, ‘Yo, he’s freestyling kind of threatening.’”


After trading a few rhymes back and forth, the two emcees clicked up outside and 2pac showed Snoop how to roll a blunt. The Doggfather says he was passing around his usual joint when Tupac offered him a marijuana filled cigar to which he replied ‘what is that’? ‘I’ts a blunt” 2pac says, and from that moment on they began a real friendship. 2pac also wanted Snoop to check out his first movie “Juice” and gave him an official laser disc copy of the film to take home with him.

Later in the episode Rapaport confesses his favorite song is “Little Ghetto Boy” to which Snoop says he never performed in his life because Dr. Dre was not a fan of the song. Snoop also talks about his son being recruited to play at UCLA & how he is making a movie about his youth football league. Check out the full interview below.


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