In the increasingly saturated world of battle rap, “The Dirtbag Dan Show” will always bring a breath of fresh air. Episode 62 with Cadalack Ron is one of the most entertaining shows on the podcast so far, with lots of laughs & some very controversial topics as well. After years of drug use, a sober Cadalack starts off by explaining how he controls his temptations to get high when his friends are smoking.


The Recovering battle champ, who once shot up heroin during an actual performance, speaks about the time when he overdosed & was ruled deceased until a defibrillator brought him back to life. “I died for thirty minutes” said Ron in an excited but serious manner. Many of his answers are very over the top and brutally honest, most likely one of the reasons his fan base is dedicated to him.


In between jokes and ranting about how he annoys his parents, Ron actually drops some straight forward business advice at times. “If your a musician or a rapper and you stay high 24-7, then that’s cool, but once your getting a paycheck from a company , you gotta show up.” Simply put, you either need to put your career or the drugs first, it cant be both.

dirt 2

The group talks about the upcoming KOTD event, and Caddy tells which emcees he would like to see in a battle.
With a length of over two hours, the show includes Ron claiming that Michelle Obama is a man, and how he was estranged from his family for being an addict. Joined by Dan, Caustic and Skylar, this really is a must-watch episode for all battle rap fans.

One of the most important parts of the show is toward the end where Ron reveals that FilmOn’s “Ether Weekly” event has been cancelled. Apparently a financial dispute is the cause for the hold up. “I haven’t gotten paid for all the times I went on Ether Weekly and I’ve been corresponding with the accounting firm at FilmOn Television to get my money.” Chime in on your thoughts in the comments below……

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