Snoop Dogg was on the Whoolywood Shuffle radio show recently speaking with DJ Whoo Kidabout the new N.W.A movie, Straight Outta Compton. He also shared his opinion on Hillary Clinton, and pokes fun at the “Migos Flow”

Snoop said that one of his fellow Los Angeles rappers had the best “look” to portray him in the biopic. During casting, he approached Nipsey Hussle about the idea for him to play the role, but to no avail. The GGN host explains “Nipsey wanted to do his own thing, which I respect. He’s doing a great job of creating his own lane right now, i’m the same kind of way. Like ‘I wanna be able to say that I’m just as big as you if not bigger than you.’”. The Doggfather say’s the actor that is actually playing him is named Keith Stanfield, but understands that Nipsey Hussle doesn’t want to live in his shadow.

Taking note that the Crenshaw area rapper just sold over 60 copies of his album for 1,000 dollars each this year, I’ts likely that Nipsey Hussle made the right decision. Especially considering the fact that involving himself in the film could take the focus away from what he was trying to accomplish at this point in his thriving music career.

Other topics include Snoop’s endorsement of Hilary Clinton on her campaign trail, and he also speaks about Suge Knight’s current situation and admits he has no animosity towards him, because they had made amends before knight was arrested. For more in-depth conversation see the video below..

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